Top Music Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss Out This Summer

Depending on what music you prefer to listen, what beat makes you jiggle, your summer activities may vary. Your taste for music somewhat shapes your life as your preferred destinations and events that you choose to attend to define your social status in a way. If you really like music, you’re probably buying and booking tickets already for all sorts of summer fests and events. Just in case you didn’t plan your summer already here is a list of some summer music festivals that you shouldn’t miss out.

Sun Fest

For all you headbangers, Rap and pop-culture fans here is a festival with all sorts of relatively mainstream artists. Being that May is the perfect month for this festival to start, same as every year you’ll be able to enjoy listening to hundreds of artists. It lasts for four days  during which you’ll be able to hear artists like Snoop Dogg, Ben Harper, Ziggy Marley, 3 Doors Down

Quebec Summer Fest

Who said Canada is boring? If you’ve never been to Canada before, now you have a reason. Quebec Summer fest lasts from 6th to 16th of July, so if you haven’t already, be sure to book your tickets. This year will be the 50th anniversary of this festival, and you’ll be able to hear some of the most famous artists perform amongst which are Metallica, Muse, and others that will be announced in time.


Last but not least there is this great festival that has people from all around the world come together and experience music in September in Dorset, England. If you’re a fan of Ska, Regge, Hip-Hop, Rap or electronic music you shouldn’t miss out on this great end-of-the-summer festival. Lineup was already announced and it includes artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Trojan Sound System, Dj Shadow, the one and only Maceo Plexand many other less famous like Pet Shop Boys, U-Roy, Jackmaster and many more.

So start packing your bags, book your tickets and most importantly bring your positive vibe as the summer is closing and all these great festivals dates are closing in.