The Art of Expressing Through Music

Imagine the world without music or anything that resembles a symphony of any kind. You can’t right? Music is all around us and always will be. This is only because music is a way of expressing feelings, thought and agendas and every creature on this planet share this ability to express themselves. Even if you go away from civilization, you’ll be able to hear music from birds, river streams, the wind and every single element and living being that makes this world as it is.

Musicality in All of Us

How many times have you “air-drummed” your favorite song or followed beat with your hands without even noticing? Everyone is capable of musically expressing their understanding of what music as a concept it and what it represents for them as individuals. Although it is true that some are more “gifted” to feel music, everyone is capable of doing it to some extent. So before you start thinking that you aren’t that kind of person, remember that this was your first expressing emotions and feelings.

Musical Language

There is a theorem that says that first sign of speech in animals and humans began as a song. Bird are the perfect example, as they communicate while making music. The animal language might sound strange to us as a mean of communicating amongst each other, but it seems to be working for them quite well so far. Music and melody can express what words could never do. This is due to restrictions in linguistics and rules that define every sentence, word, and letter. If we were to communicate with our emotions by producing any sort of sound, we couldn’t talk about quantum mechanics, but our intents would be clear and transparent. But this is what separates us from other animals, the ability to speak and therefore think differently creating room for development and further progress in evolution.

Even though we have developed an ability to manifest our thoughts through words and letters, we aren’t completely separated from our primal form of speech as every sound that is produces gives a hint of how we feel and what are our thought about that topic.